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Updated: Jan 30, 2022


Contemporary Style Design is constantly evolving. It's what we perceive to be of the moment, an aesthetic that's now "Cool" and "Trendy". For that reason, it's quite tricky to label it. The contemporary design not only reflects what is presently deemed "in style", but it looks to the future as well. Follow a current aesthetic means being adaptable and susceptible to constant, gradual changes.


The Industrial Style or Industrial Chic is characterized by a special design based on simple, essential, and clear lines. In this way, the furniture is functional, fundamental and made of durable materials. They are equipped with a robust simplicity and a grunge charm that allows them to be placed in any environment, from the living room to the kitchen, from the bathroom, to the bedroom, in a very original manner. Industrial furniture is becoming increasingly popular due to its characteristics: it is modern, dynamic and whimsical at the same time.


To furnish your home in a New Classic style, the first thing to consider is the choice of colors. Neutral and pastel colors dominate the rooms. Trendy classic, light and romantic colors, such as white, beige, powder pink, ivory to be combined with more lively and modern colors, such as brown and grey, to obtain a perfect mix between tradition and modernity. Even the colors of the furnishings are predominantly clear: classical furniture and pastel colors are mixed with pieces of furniture from the most daring shades. Neo Classic-style architecture, with elegant lines and sinuous shapes mixed with modern furnishing elements and bright colors.

The result will amaze you!


Mixing the Old, the New, the Modern, and the Classic. This is what Eclectic Style is about. It’s essentially a collage of furnishings.

Modern and retro furniture and accessories, design and tradition, objects and images, bright colors, chromatic contrasts. A mix of atmospheres that merge, alternate creating an environment where everything brings back a multifaceted, composite, heterogeneous dimension. The eclectic style is just that: the meeting point between different inspirations linked by a common thread. Its main feature is the ability to combine even contrasting styles, finding their balance in this.


A distinctive sign of this style is simplicity, but at the same time, the roughness of the finishing is balanced by the grace of the decorative elements; the equilibrium of these two components is the basis of the rustic style.

Interiors are distinguished by neutral wall decorations and primary forms of furniture, often characterized by wooden beams on the ceiling.

The primary material of the rustic style is wood, usually light brown or dark brown. Evident defects: cracks, irregularities, scratches, chips are not hidden but, on the contrary, are exposed.

Decorative elements are very soft, elegant, for example, finely painted porcelain plates or live flowering plants.


This 'natural style' is characterized by wood, furnishings and accessories in rattan, bamboo, rope and jute.

Using this style inside your home will give you a small 'green' corner even in the city, away from the chaos and stress of modern life: for a more relaxed lifestyle within a natural environment.

Your home will be transformed into a warm and super welcoming place of well-being.

The eco-chic style favors natural colors, neutral tones, and materials such as wood, metals, and fibers. Furnishing accessories, such as cushions, bedspreads and tablecloths, find their maximum expression in soft and refined fabrics such as linen and cotton.

Wood will also be the perfect material for dining tables, chairs, armchairs, bedside tables. Everything must be as natural as possible to give the right warmth and naturalness to your home.

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