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10 ways to improve your bathroom at affordable prices

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Renovating a new bathroom does not require total reconstruction.

Below you can see how simply replacing taps, freshening the washbasin furniture, smart storage solutions and decorative accessories can give character and style to your bathroom without affecting your budget.

1. Replacing Taps

An inexpensive and easy way to renovate your bathroom is to replace the taps.

New taps and a modern shower-head can change the look of your bathroom giving the whole space a new vision.

2. Replace old lights

Thanks to a multitude selection of lights available in the market you can find the ones that suit your budget.

Replace the lights by selecting those that have a unique design such as chandeliers or pendant lights. Try to avoid flashy or cold bulbs and especially fluorescent lights. Lights with a natural and warm effect are always the best choice.

3. Clean up all the mess

Removing all the clutter from the sink and in all area is another inexpensive way to revitalize your bathroom. Store everything you don't use often in containers under the sink cabinet or drawers.

4. Harmonize accessories

Try to coordinate the accessories by combining them with the colors of the sink cabinet doors and the tiles. It is undoubtedly a way to personalize your new bathroom.

5. Revitalize your old fixtures

Renewing doesn't always mean buying new ones. If you own a classic bathtub that has faded over the years, you can easily repaint it. It is clearly an inexpensive solution if you compare it with a new bathtub.

6. Freshen the tiles

If you cannot afford to replace the tiles in your bathroom, there are some tricks you can make that will be very convenient. Cleaning or replacing the tile joints will give a new light to the whole floor.

7. Stylish vanity

To avoids buying expensive furniture for the under-sink you can reuse the ones that you already own.

If you have an old chest of drawers or a vintage table, you can quickly turn it into a sink cabinet.

The only thing to keep in mind is the size of the furniture you want to use.

Try to understand if it's suitable for the sink size and if you have enough space around it.

8. Reorganize your storage

Adding shelves, baskets, or free stands can make a difference to the look of your new bathroom, definitely giving it character and uniqueness.

9. Buy a new shower curtain

If you have a bathroom that needs a shower curtain, be very careful in selecting it.

Keep in mind that the curtain will take up a good part of your bathroom space and is perfect for giving a particular style to your area.

10. Frame your mirror

Mirrors, if positioned in the right place, can make a big difference in all rooms.

In the bathroom, mirrors have a high functional role.

Consider modernizing your old mirror, by framing it to give to your toilet a unique style.


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